This is an EU call for grants in the area of Blue Economy under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. 

This call for proposals is launched in accordance with the 2018 Work Programme for the implementation of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) (section of the annex to the Work Programme). 

Grant agreements will be concluded in relation to the following three specific topics: 

  • EMFF-01-2018 (Topic 1) – Blue Labs: innovative solutions for maritime challenges  
  • EMFF-02-2018 (Topic 2) – Blue Careers in Europe 
  • EMFF-03-2018 (Topic 3) – Grants for the Blue Economy: investing in innovation. 


We invite you to read the call documentation carefully, i.e. this call for proposals and the guide for applicants. These documents provide clarifications and answers to questions you may have when preparing your application:  

  • The call for proposals outlines the:  
    • objectives, themes and priorities, types of activities that can be financed and the expected results of the call  
    • timetable and available budget  
    • eligibility, exclusion, selection and award criteria    
    • evaluation procedure.  
  •  The guide for applicants outlines the:  
    • procedures to register and submit proposals online (via the EU Participant Portal)  
    • recommendations for the preparation of the proposal 
    • explanation on the application form (Proposal Template (Part A and B)), which describes the project  
    • overview of the cost eligibility criteria.  


Applicants are encouraged to take into account the principles of the EASME Environmental Policy Charter when preparing their proposals. More information about the environmental policy of EASME is provided in Annex to this call. 

You also are encouraged to visit the EASME website to consult the list of projects funded previously under the EMFF.