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Demonstration of an IoT 4.0 mussel processing system for an advanced seafood canning industry.


Our context is framed within the EU fish and seafood processing industry, which is the main economic activity and driving force for the coastal communities of the European Union.

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The MusselPro project has a highly skilled network of partners who have contributed to the success of the project. Their contributions have been fundamental in carrying out the necessary research and developments to carry out the project and achieve significant progress in the implementation of innovative solutions that contribute to improving the mussel processing system.

Jealsa is an actively responsible company towards the environment, marine resources and people, contributing visibly and significantly to the transformation towards a more sustainable world.

A Spanish family-owned company founded in 1958 by Mr. Jesús Alonso Fernández, it has become one of the world’s leading producers of canned fish and seafood. Currently, the company is made up of various entities structured into three divisions: food, valorisation and energy.

Under its Steribru brand, Automations Teinco, S.L. has established itself as a leading sterilization company thanks to its dedication and commitment to the sector. It specializes in the manufacture and sale of autoclaves and customized equipment for an international market, and provides quality advice and after-sales support to its customers.

The company was founded by José María Brunet, and since its foundation, Automations Teinco has been a pioneer in research and development, and has undergone constant evolution thanks to its clear commitment to R&D. The company continues to invest in it to offer innovative solutions to its customers and stay at the forefront of its field.

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MUSSELPRO presents an innovative solution for cooking mussels. Using advanced imaging technology and artificial intelligence, each batch of mussels can be specifically programmed for optimal cooking.

Furthermore, it reduces processing time by 20% thanks to our algorithms and temperature optimization system.


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